The Data Revolution Is Here

The time has come for the automotive vendor community to band together and make it easy for dealership owners and managers to inspect their data.

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Got 60 Seconds?

You can diagnose the health of your investments in less than one minute a day. You can also manage all of your digital marketing efforts in less than an hour a month.

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Access Granted

Get rid of all the endless printouts and reports while having access at any time or location, not just at the end of the month. Manage your data and budgets from your personal data warehouse.
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Decisions, Decisions

ROI-BOT accumulates and organizes your data, providing insights that allow you to recognize trends and accurately determine the ROI of your marketing spends.
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All of your data. All in one place.


Inspect the health of all your vendors in seconds

Paid Search

See how your campaigns are performing, and the cost per VDP view


Get notified when key metrics reach performance milestones


Understand how visitors are interacting with your site


Measure how many new opportunities are in the pipeline


See how well your inventory pages are performing


Get live updates on your social media marketing audience


Aggregate all your reviews to track IRM efforts


Create your own graphs to gain more insights into your data

See ROI-BOT ™ in action

ROI-BOT ™ is the first tool of its kind in the automotive space. See your data visualized and broken down in ways that make sense to executive managers and owners.

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